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TypeScript: Novice To Pro in 60 Minutes


✨ Get started with TypeScript in 1 hour! ✨

Hey there!

Ready to dive into TypeScript? No worries!

In just 1 hour (~ 10 short lessons), we'll take you from zero to coding hero. 🚀

👉 Watch the introductory lesson for free 

What's in store?

📺 10 snappy, no-fluff video lessons that get right to the point.

🏋️ Exercises to flex the TypeScript muscles.

🔥 Pro tips on configuring Visual Code for maximum productivity.

Let's get coding!


🐛 helps you catch bugs and errors at compile time

✅ reduces the number of unit tests you need to write

💪 levels up your productivity by providing intelligent code completion and type information

💡improves your thinking and design skills (!)

📺 Videos

0. Intro. Why should you use TypeScript? /08:49/

1. Basic type definitions: from any to never /08:12/

2. Objects. Interfaces and type aliases /05:34/

3. Function types /09:33/

4. Classes: implementing an interface /05:35/

5. Generics /10:46/

6. TypeScript compiler settings /18:26/

7. 🕐Advance types: unions and intersections, type guards, build-in utility types (SOON)

8. 🕐Converting a JavaScript project to TypeScript: the strategy (SOON)

9. 🕐Bonus. Using Visual Code With TypeScript (SOON)

📖 Notes and materials:

🕐 This course is a work-in-process. New videos every weekend.

🎓 Free for students and teachers (write me with your edu email)

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TypeScript: Novice To Pro in 60 Minutes

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