Vim For Developers

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Vim is lightweight, extensible, and incredibly productive.

Unfortunately, out of the box, it is not too impressive (compared to modern IDEs). A beginner has to spend time setting it up, which can sometimes be intimidating.

Still, with modern features (language servers!), it is easily on par with bloated IDEs — while taking megabytes, not gigabytes, of RAM.

This book is a shortcut for anyone who wants to get up-to-speed and start using Vim for development immediately.

It focuses on reality and productivity from the very first chapter and attempts to flatten the learning curve.

It contains lots of practical information on setting up Vim and introduces many awesome plugins for a modern IDE-like experience (smart code completion, refactoring, linting, formatting, searching, etc.). Plus just enough theory to get by.

You will learn how to use Vim and adjust it to your needs.

Start your journey to become a better developer with this comprehensive guide to Vim.

Quick highlights:

😍 Productive from Chapter 1

📈 Gradually improve your workflow with each chapter

💥 Transform into a feature-packed IDE by the book's end

👶 Beginner-friendly with clear explanations

💻 Focused on practicality, learn what you need for efficient work only.

🔄 Constantly improving. Get the current version + all the subsequent updates as they come out.

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$29 $14

Vim For Developers

11 ratings
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